8 WS2812 RGB LED lights NightLight Hat Board For Raspberry Pi

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Descriptions:NightLight Hat Board For Raspberry Pi is a Hat Board which have 8 WS2812 RGB LED lights.And this Hat Board will communicate with Raspberry Pi via I2C protocol.You can control each LEDs color individually by command.At the same time, you can also adjust the brightness of each LED by command.The light board is connected to the GPIO pin by HAT.You can stack multiple identical boards in a layered manner, which can make your lighting more layered.It is recommended not to exceed four layers at most. Otherwise, the power supply may be insufficient.Because all the lights need to be powered from the GPIO pin of the Raspberry Pi.The feature of the HAT board is that you dont have to worry about messy cables.If you only use one layer of light board, you can engrave your favorite pattern on an acrylic board with a laser engraving machine,and then insert it vertically into the random acrylic bracket,so that by controlling the light, you can make different The acrylic art board presents a different brilliance, turning your light board into a work of art.Features:Easy to setupWS2812 RGB LEDsExtend the GPIO PinsCan be mounted on top of the stackCan Stack with other Stack board such as Relay moduleIndividual control of each LightWith beautiful acrylic light guide,Two factory-made patterns, two of them are blank for you DIYPlug and PlayOne command controlMultiple Programming Language support such as shell, python, C/C++ and so onUser Manual for more info.,Package Included:1 x Night

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