Aluminum Alloy Armor Case Passive Cooling For Raspberry Pi 3B+

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Description:This product is an upgraded version of the previous armor case.It removes the fan and uses passive cooling to dissipate heat.It adds more heat dissipation area and protection area, and has no noise interference.It is an excellent choice for protecting the Raspberry Pi.In many occasions, it is more convenient for users to carry out the heat dissipation and protection of the Raspberry Pi.At present, it has been used in the heat dissipation application of the home AI anti-theft system.For RPI 3B+ only.Features:- Passive Cooling- Excellent Cooling- Aluminum Alloy- CNC Machining- Easy To Mount- Super quiet- Weight: 0.135kg- Dimension: 105mm x 70mm x 42mmNote:Please note that when dismantling, carefully spread the heat on the chip, causing the chip to fall off.Please carefully remove the case from the side, and all the chips that are believed to be lost will not be guaranteed.The RPI mainboard is not included.Click for more info.Package Included:1 x Armor case1 x Instructions5 x M2*10mm Screws3 x Thermal tape

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