Enc28j60 Network Adapter Module For Raspberry Pi Zero

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Description:The Pi zero Enc28j60 is a simple Network Adapter module for Pi zero.It is very easy to assemble and configure.It allows your Raspberry Pi zero to access the network smoothly.MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 磅Normal0Features:1. Easy to assembleand setup2. Official OS overlay support3. Stable and fastHow to configure it:1. Install the NIC module into the raspberry Pi.2. Connect the network cable to ensure that your router supports DHCP and works well.3.Burn the Raspbian image to TF card.4. Edit the /boot/config.txt file by your favorite editor such as Nano or vim.tiny, and add the following parameter:dtoverlay=enc28j60Then save the exit and reboot the raspberry Pi.NOTE:The module is tested only in RaspbianOSenvironments.How to check if network adapter works well:Open a terminal and typing this command: ifconfigPackage included:1x Pi zero Enc28j60 Network Adapter Module (the board and the cable are not included)1x Instruction

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